6.6kW Home Solar Premier Package

When value for money without compromising quality matters, the 6.6kW Home Solar Premier Package is everything you need. For the price and quality conscious buyer, this package will generate enough energy to reduce the cost of your electricity bill using trusted and functional hardware at a cost effective price. If you qualify for the Australian Government rebate, you can purchase this system with zero up-front cost and it will be paid for over time for less than you are currently paying on your electricity bill.

  • 18 x Leapton Tier 1 370W Monocrystalline Solar Panels
  • Growatt 5kW Inverter
  • Cabling and hardware
  • Free on-site assessment
  • System placement design included
  • Installation by a Clean Energy Council approved installer
  • All permits and approvals included
  • Finance options available

After we receive your enquiry, one of our solar experts will be in touch to discuss how you can benefit from government incentives and zero down cost options.

18 x Leapton Tier 1 370W Monocrystalline Solar Panels
– 25 year performance warranty
– 25 year product warranty
– Japanese brand
– CEC Approved

Growatt 5kW Inverter
– 10 year warranty
– CEC Approved


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